Paul and Ani Connolly, Christchurch

When ever a sale is made at Harcourts Gold they send out a customer experience survey which as an agent we have no input to as that progess is managed by our customer services manager - Greg Searle. This was their first home for these clients, they did everything right and are doing a great job modernising and improving their home. I'm very impressed.

Below is taken from a blind customer feed back questionnaire.

Sales consultants name - Foss Shanahan
What did your sales consultant excel at? - Absolutely everything. He set the customer service standards so high and excelled at every level.
What could he have done better? - Nothing.
General comments - He spent so much time with us, went over and beyond the call of duty and made our first home buying experience amazing.
Feel free to comment on any of the following: Our communication with you - quality and quantity, Did we refer you a mortgage broker? solicitor etc? Did we follow through with you during the contract? Kept you informed with up to date information? - HE DESERVES A MEDAL!
Paul and Ani Connolly, Christchurch