This property was owned by one a colleague in my office who is our company auctioneer. It’s always a privilege to be asked to market one of your colleague’s properties.

We recently made a decision to sell our family home. After being in the real estate industry for nearly thirty years as a Principal, Trainer, Mentor and Auctioneer I was faced with a dilemma as who to choose to market our property, especially as there are a number of excellent consultants in our Bayleys Merivale Office. We made a decision to employ Foss as our Consultant and it was fair to say that we had pretty high expectations. It was a privilege now to be able to say how both my wife Jan and I were so impressed with Foss’s professionalism, communication, presentation and integrity.Foss kept us informed throughout the entire process with the truth, he followed up every potential buyer and we were never “in the dark” at any stage – something that most real estate consultants specialize in. His written reports detailed all inspections, buyer feedback, and his communication with us ensured we never had any unanswered questions. We were always kept informed and he exceeded our expectations in every respect.We were thrilled with the result in what must have been a difficult situation for Foss. He is a true professional whom we would have pleasure in commending to any prospective vendor.
Bob & Jan Eastgate